Why Bee Is so Important – One of the Reasons Is Propolis

Why Bee Is so Important
Bee propolis was known a millennium ago, but much remains unknown. We are aware that much remains undiscovered. A feature that gives it great value is that it is a natural antibiotic.
Propolis is a bee product that protects the beehive from diseases. All ingredients are of natural origin. Bees make it by processing different resins. These resins serve to protect the plants in the natural environment. By processing them, the bees increase their effect. With bee propolis, bees protect their hives from parasites, moisture, mold and other enemies that threaten their brood. Apitherapy, a science that studies the effects of honey on our health, has won recognition in recent years. There have been many articles written on this topic in recent decades. Many professional books have been published in which we can learn about the healing effects of honey and bee propolis.

Propolis and Honey Are Often Effective When Official Medicine Is Powerless.

Propolis has long been known to help with skin problems, colds and inflammation. Recent findings confirm that bee propolis is effective in treating and relieving pain when it comes to gynecological, prostate, and gastrointestinal problems. There are also reports of good results in the fight against cancer and much evidence of positive effects in the treatment of periodontal tissues. Research is expanding on the effects of bee propolis on HIV treatment and tuberculosis. Particularly in areas where official medicine records poor results, such as multiple sclerosis, experiments on the effects of bee propolis are being done. We can claim that apitherapy has become part of official medicine. Beehive-Alchemy-Projects-and-recipes-using-honey-beeswax-propolis-and-pollen-to-make-soap-candles-creams-salves-and-more-Flexibound-

Is All Propolis Good?

The most important information to answer this question is the cleanliness of the environment where it was obtained. It is less important whether it was collected on conifers, meadows, fruit trees… It is important not to contain chemical impurities, heavy metals or pesticides and other toxins. The method of harvesting is very important as well. It requires specialized knowledge. The parasite called the Varroa destructor, which beekeepers fight in different ways, should also be noted here. If they use chemical agents, they also appear in bee products. Therefore we need to be careful to buy the bee propolis produced by the beekeeper we trust.

Propolis Can Also Be Inhaled

When bee propolis is heated, it becomes liquid. When its temperature reaches 179.6 ℉ (82 ℃) it starts to evaporate. In combination with essential oils and honey, it is used in inhalations. In this way, respiratory inflammations can be relieved.

Propolis Is Also Effective in the Fight Against Pain.

There is a belief in bee propolis being more successful than cocaine in the fight against pain. There are creams that reduce joint pain. They are especially suitable for low back pain. If we place a piece of bee propolis against the gum, it soothes smarting teeth. When injured, it stops bleeding and relieves the pain of blows. It makes wounds stop bleeding by binding water and killing bacteria. It can also pull out the stitch that remains after surgery.

A Very Important Feature of Propolis Is That Bacteria Do Not Develop Resistance to It.

As mentioned above, bee propolis has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Pharmaceutical and synthetic drugs are characterized by the fact that bacteria become resistant to them after a period of time. But not to bee propolis. Bacteria adapt to antibiotics, but never to bee propolis. Fungi and some viruses are not safe from bee propolis either. Propolis is known to be effective against several types of herpes. It is also effective against parasites.

Propolis Is Also Effective in Treating Plants and Animals.

Treatment of oral and throat inflammation is the most common and widely used. We can add a drop on a sugar cube. It’s also available in pill or spray form. Propolis is also effective in treating animals From pets such as dog, cat or rabbit to large animals like cattle and horses. In addition to humans and animals, plants can be also treated with bee propolis. In order to obtain a plant protection product, we add milk to the propolis water solution.

Propolis Treats Ulcer and Relieves Digestive Problems.

Gastric ulcer is caused by viruses and bacteria. As we mentioned earlier, bee propolis is very effective against viruses and bacteria. All wounds caused by various causes on the gastrointestinal tract will be protected against bacterial infections.

Propolis Has a Beneficial Effect on the Skin.

Most propolis-containing skincare products are in the form of creams. In addition to creams, you can choose from a variety of soaps and tinctures. These concoctions can treat inflammation, acne, and results are also seen in treating psoriasis. When it comes to hair problems caused by bacteria, it proves to be one of the effective solutions. It also helps with eye problems but we have to be careful not to use products containing alcohol.

In What Form Do We Use Propolis?

It is best soluble in alcohol. However, since alcohol can be dangerous in certain cases, it is most often ground into powder. The powder can be used in various concoctions in combination from honey to creams.

The Resistance of Propolis to High and Low Temperatures Is Another Feature Among Many Others.

Propolis becomes stretchy and sticky at temperatures above 113 ℉ (45 ℃) and hard and brittle at temperatures below 68 ℉ (20 ℃). However, at a temperature between 68 ℉ (20 ℃) and 113 ℉ (45 ℃), it is a thick sticky liquid. Because it does not lose its active substance at high and low temperatures, it can be crushed when cold and stirred when heated.

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