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Bead Maze with Big Suction Cup. 2 x 2 inch big suction cup strengthens the adhesion of the bead maze toy, thus can avoid the appearance of many accidental injuries. Make sure toddlers can play happily without disturbing.
Thicker Base. Our products also increase the thickness of the base of the toy, which enhance the stability of the toy, even if your child unintentionally touches the toy, it will not fall immediately. Therefore, toddlers can play with the toy in good mood.
Safe & Great After-sales Service. Smooth feeling, has no sharp edges and corners, kids will not get hurt when they playing. All parts of the wooden fruit bead maze are made by environmental protection metal and wood. 3-year after-sales service was offered by ToyerBee as well. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will reach you out as soon as possible.