Simple & Straightforward Chemical Free, Almost. All Natural (No Synthetic Chemicals Added) Turmeric Hand Wash/Body Wash – With Himalayan Pink Salt, Shea Butter and Essential Oil – 2 x 8 oz. (16 oz.)

BE CONFIDENT OF WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR SKIN: Yes. It is chemical free, almost. Body wash made the traditional way with cold pressed or mechanically pressed natural edible oils like extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil etc.,. We do not solvent extracted oils. No synthetic chemicals added to this body wash.
WITH NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL TURMERIC: Turmeric is a natural antibacterial agent. It reduces redness and inflammation, prevents acne and other skin ailments naturally. Also turmeric has excellent skin nourishing properties. We do not add any chemical or artificial antibacterial agents.
TRULY NATURAL: Plant-based, vegan, truly natural body soap. No harmful or any chemicals added to the soap. For scent, we use only natural essential oils. Excellent for sensitive, dry or normal skin

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