Puretural Luffa Soap Bar to clean dark spots Body Scrub Soap for Stretch marks Whitening with Turmeric, Tamarind and Honey Aromatherapy by

SAY GOODBYE TO DARK SPOTS: If you are struggling with dark spot, stretch mark, dirty neck and underarms, unattractive back, dark groin area or blemishes and you need something to get these DIRT & DARK SPOTS removed, then we have exactly what you need! Our handmade soaps are made with moisturizing glycerin sweet honey and an embedded loofah sponge. The natural loofah sponge will exfoliate and scrub the skin clean, yet is gentle enough not to strip your skin of its natural oils.
DISCOVER THE AMAZING EFFECTS OF TURMERIC AND TAMARIND: Just in case you didnâ€t know, turmeric and tamarind are recommended by many dermatologists and beauty experts as excellent exfoliating agents. They can help eliminate the signs of aging.
NATURAL NOURISHING FORMULA: Forget about skin bleaching products that are loaded with chemicals and harm your skin. The Puretural skin lightening soap has herbal-based formula that will nourish your skin. The soap contains natural honey, turmeric, tamarind and Curcumin that will give you the results that you want without harming your skin.