Naturebee Potentiated Power Pollen 3 x 200 Capsules Supply. Bee Pollen

ABSORB MORE NUTRIENTS! Enjoy the organic and all-natural rejuvenating and nourishing effects of potentiated pollen without worrying about artificial additives and harmful chemicals. Pollens are non GMO because they are grown in organic conditions and not in a laboratory and have no additives. Compared to store-bought bee pollen products, potentiated pollen ruptures the pollen cell wall which allows your digestive juices to absorb more nutrients.
POWER UP NATURALLY. With its 27 vitamins and aminos and 28 minerals, Naturebee Potentiated Pollen is the best and natural way to power up and stay energized throughout the day. Get more done with the energy boost you’ve always wanted brought to you by Mother Nature. Breeze through your daily routine and even have energy left for your exercise routines at the gym after it all.
BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER. Fight off the damaging effects of stress and your fast paced lifestyle with 24 beneficial fatty acids and a balanced range of antioxidants packed in your potentiated pollen capsules. Stay mentally alert and sharp all the time so you can work and play like the busiest bees in the hive.