Natural Moisturizing Face Wash – Gentle Sulfate Free Facial Cleanser and Body Wash with Organic Aloe Vera & Manuka Honey for Dry, Oily, Damaged, Sensitive Skin. Ph Balanced, Non Toxic 8oz Era-Organics Price: $19.37 (as of 14/11/2019 12:14 PST- Details)

THE BEST FACIAL CLEANSER FOR DRY, OILY, DAMAGED, SENSITIVE SKIN. Moisturizing natural face wash perfectly balanced to your skin’s 5.5 PH. Most face cleanser are 10 PH which can ruin your skin. Soothe, Hydrate & Restore your skin or YOUR MONEY BACK.
RESTORE DULL, DRY SKIN by working with your skin’s natural biology without drying it out. Gentle facial cleanser that won’t remove your natural protection provided by oils and nutrients normally stripped away by most soaps and cleansers.
PERFECT FOR DAMAGED, SENSITIVE SKIN. Our natural face wash even helps soothe PSORIASIS, ECZEMA, DERMATITIS, ACNE and more without causing pain or irritation. Sensitive skin face wash without alcohol, allergens or drying ingredients.