Gideon Spring ORGANIC Raw Honey – 100% Real Pure Bee honey Unfiltered UNHEATED, (Jar 17.63 ounce) – Premium Exotic…

GOLD sofi AWARD WINNER: “The sofi Awards have been honoring the best in specialty food for 45+ years. sofi Award honorees were selected through a BLIND TASTING process and are true innovators in their categories.”- The Specialty Food Association
ORGANIC WILDFLOWER BLOSSOM: Harvested from nectar of wildflowers, this raw honey offers you a healthy dose of enzymes and antioxidants to help you improve and maintain both mental and physical performance
NATURE’S BEST: The Wildflowers of Argentina can be found almost everywhere. Our mix of wildflowers come from the Hills and Valleys across the country and is greatly diversified as it brings together varieties of wildflowers from many continents.