FRESH Siberian Bee Pollen from Taiga, Russia, Natural Source of Energy, 6 oz (174 g) Price: $12.90 (as of 21/09/2019 06:45 PST- Details)

EXCLUSIVE & ORGANIC: Altai is a region in the southern part of West Siberia, Russia. It is renowned for its clean, fresh air, scenic green meadows and pastures, numerous plants, including relict species. Altai is home to numerous melliferous herbs. Beekeeping has always been practiced here for centuries. Bees collect Pollen from wild rare herbs and flowers in pristine areas.
CAREFULLY SELECTED: Siberian Treasure Bee Pollen is collected using pollen traps attached in front of the hive entrance. It is dried in a special dryer using a program-controlled fan at a certain temperature.You can see it in our photogallery.
HOW TO USE: Just add to your favorite breakfast foods – porridge, smoothie, milk, yogurt etc.