Face Moisturizer Honey Cream- Korean Skin Care Moisturizer Honeybee Natural Facial Moisturizing Cream For Women, Men, Kids, For Both Dry And Oily Skin As Day Cream, Soothing Cream, Sleep Cream, Night Cream By Edmong

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♥ SKIN TROUBLES ARE MOSTLY CAUSED BY LACK OF FACE SKIN MOISTURE? – Face skin short of moisture is easily impaired by ultraviolet ray, temperature change, wind or other exposures. To prevent dry and harsh skin, age spot, acne, sebum, the most important precaution required is hydration. The contained “Hyaluronic Acid” can be soaked into skin and maintain the moisture, also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, decrease natural anti aging process and protect skin form exposures.
♥ EDMONG HONEYBEE FACE FIRMING CREAM IS FOR THOSE WHO – want to care acne scars, treat dry and harsh skins, nourish lusterless skin lacking tightness, care sagged pores, reduce excessive sebum. Contained “Propolis” prevents skin from harmful substances by building protective barrier wall on the skin. “Propolis” is a mixture that bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate from botanical sources. Honeybee cream can be soaked into skin more deeply than others.
♥ COOL ORGANIC FACE MOISTURIZER LOTION – Mint herb extract ingredient provides sense of “cool and refreshing”, Mint herb has the effect of tightening pore as well. Plentiful “EGCG” Poly-phenol extracted from Aloe Vera plus Green Tea can treat excessive sebum regardless of sensitive pimple skin or oily skin. It has the effect of protecting skin by deterring reactive Oxygen species. “EGCG” also helps to deter inflammation as it has a strong sterilizing as well as pimple deterring effects.