Arashan White Honey – Raw Unfiltered Honey, Organic (15.87 Oz)| Wildflower/Clover Honey From The “Mountains Of Heaven” (Tien Shan, KGZ) | Natural, Wild Honey From Bees | Anti-Aging, KOSHER-CERTIFIED Price: $15.95 (as of 28/05/2020 17:26 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

✅[Insanely Flavorful] – You can’t find anything like our honey in the grocery store! Our thick, creamy white honey can only born high in the “Heavenly” Tien Shan Mountains, among a vast bloom of wildflowers, including clover, sainfoin and alfalfa – which give our honey its signature taste and extraordinary health benefits.
✅[Outrageously Natural] – The rarified and heavenly air of the Tien Shan mountain range is unlike anything else. You can climb or walk for days without seeing another person. Our Kosher-certified honey comes from such a place – no GMO’s, no pollution, and no need for preservatives.
✅[37 Awards] – Our honey is well-known throughout the world for its refreshing vibrance and surprising sweetness. Judges the world over have fallen for Arashan White Honey, and we have the award-case to prove it!