❤️Jonerytime❤️Viaty Toothpaste Stain Removal Whitening Toothpaste Fight Bleeding Gums Fresh Toothpaste

Amazon.com Price: $3.99 (as of 27/01/2020 23:26 PST- Details)

❤️Viaty Toothpaste uses the natural stain-removing power of baking soda for cleaner teeth.
❤️With a strong natural blueberry flavor to leave your mouth feeling fresh. ❤️ Has no added fluoride.
❤️Baking soda breaks down into tiny particles which are able to penetrate enamel crevices and help remove food particles, bacterial plaque, and deep stains embedded there.  ❤️Its odor control is due to its unique ability to reduce acids in the mouth, and hence impart a distinct freshness and clean mouth-feel. ❤️ Baking Soda breaks down into tiny particles that penetrate crevices in teeth enamel.