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Bees are of great importance for human existence

With their activity in nature, bees have significant effect on food production, both for humans and animals, as well as for human health. The largest contribution of bees and other pollinators is the pollination of about 75% of all plants that are used to produce the vast majority of the world’s food. One-third of global food production depends on bees; in other words, every third meal depends on pollination.

In recent decades, pollinator-dependent crops (such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and oilseeds) have increased by 300%. Bees play an important role in relation to the scope of agricultural production. Effective pollination improves the quality of agricultural produce and increases the quantity, and enhances plants’ resistance to pests.

Bee pollination ensures the existence of various plant and animal species and helps to maintain balance in nature while providing bee products that help us to strengthen and maintain our health in today’s faster pace of life.

The positive attitude of children towards bees

The positive attitude of children towards bees can also be built with bee decorations. Because at UseMyBee we can offer you a large number of bee decorations, bumble bee decorations, and games. Among them, you can find those that you consider to be the most appropriate for your children. They will bring a lot of joy to children and have a positive impact on their development.

We present some bee decorations, toys, and games

Buying bee-related ornaments and games is an investment in the future. A child who builds a positive attitude towards bees, animals or nature is more likely to become an upstanding and respectable person.

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Bees: The Secret Kingdom


Buying bee-related ornaments and games is an investment in the future.