Calculation of interest rates

This calculator calculating the interest rate for loans with a fixed meal. You need to know the amount of the loan installment amount and number of servings. Calculates the interest rate, the amount of interest and returned together.

The calculation of interest rates on loans with a fixed annuity

The calculation is made according to the simple method, this is then converted into the effective interest rate calculation which uses a compound way. Calculate the total amount of the payments and how much interest you will pay over the whole period.

Loan amount
How much is the monthly annuity
Number of annuities

The interest rate define two data: the percentage and number of days in which the percentage of realized !

Calculation of the number of days

Date startDate endDays

The calculation of the interest rate at a known amount of interest

If it is a known amount of credit, the amount of interest and the number of days that lasted credit relationship with this program you can calculate the rate. Since it is sometimes easier to enter the number of days as the two dates, the calculation of the number of separate days.

Amount of creditAmount of interestDays
IR – DaysIR – %