Annuity Payment Calculator


Annuity Payment Calculator is a tool that gives you the answer to most of the dilemmas associated with the return of deposits, securities, shares … with the cost of capital and the manner of determining or calculating.

Annuity Payment Calculator

Annuity Payment Calculator


If you are interested in how much interest you will pay to borrow money, or how much interest you get, if you borrow money, you can find out on side Calculation of Interest If you are interested in how much the interest rate for a given number of days (daily, monthly) on an annual basis and vice versa, if you are interested in, how much you will bring investment into a mutual fund that has a known average daily yield in one year … Until these data you can get on side The conversion rate If you have a situation where the necessary two rates add or subtract, you first need to know, is it proportional or conform calculation. In the case of proportional situation is simple. Rate simply add up, so 1 + 1 is 2 (if both are given the same number of days, otherwise they must first be converted to the same number of days that you can do with the program previously described). If it is a conformal account, it is more complicated because it is a compound interest account where the interest is calculated with the first interest rate for calculation of the second-rate. Here, 1 + 1 is more than 2 but 2.01. This calculation can be performed on side two interest rates If you borrow money, pay it back with interest, and you do not know some kind of interest rate you have been accrued interest is that, you can calculate on side The calculation of interest rates. For example: a negative balance in the current account.


If you intend to take a loan, you will returned it in equal amounts, may be on side Calculation of annuities , you will calculate what that amount and how much interest you will pay. Calculation with the plan and return the calculation of the effective interest rate, you can prepare fot on side The Amortization Schedule. The effective interest rate is the key information that tells what is the price of the loan. To calculate all the necessary information related to the loan and affect the price of loans. I am aware that it is difficult to prepare the universal amortization schedule, which takes into account all peculiarities imposed by lenders or leasing providers. Therefore, after typing return plan formed credit data, which copy in the “text box”, and by with the missing information’s. For example: a bank requires that the creditor made a deposit at the bank, which is not remunerated or remunerated at a lower interest rate than credit. In this case, data amortization schedule complete with data on the payment of the deposit and the information you get deposit returned and any interest on the deposit, and calculate the effective interest rate. If you are interested how much can i borrow, you can calculate on side Calculate loan amount

Proportional and conformal mode

If you are interested in what would be the rate of interest if your account was conforming, but it is proportional, you can calculate on side The calculation of annualized interest rate (AAR). What is the difference between proportional and conformal calculation can learn side The difference between proportional and conformal calculation

The effective interest rate

If you are interested how expensive was your loan or how profitable was the deposit, use The effective interest rate. With the introduction of the program calculating the effective interest rate, I want to make you sure that the program is universal and therefore so very useful. The effective interest rate is the most accurate price of money. This price includes all expenses, costs, fees, borrower has to pay. With this program you can calculate how much it cost loan from a friend, a negative account balance, what is better to buy or lease a car, short-term or long-term loan from a bank to buy a car on leasing, well there then any credit relationship. The same you can figure out how profitable it was lending money, time deposit or lend to a friend, who we will refund also give you a prize. The deposit are not effective yield interest only because of this interest is often required to pay State tax . Only by taking into account that tax, actually you see what interest income accounted for. For the calculation we need only three informations: date of the receipt or recovery of funds, tag for it is a receipt or repayment of funds and amount. These three informations you needed for all events that are part of the loan or deposit relationship.

Exchange rate calculator

The European Central Bank (ECB) gives software developers the possibility of taking over its exchange rate. Converter is designed as an Exchange rate calculator as the possible conversion of the currency of any kind and for different amounts of each currency.